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Teda Medical

Medico Legal Administrators

We aid lawyers, attorneys, advocates, insurance companies and individuals with independent medical opinions in their lawsuit against different organizations. We are the greatest partner you can count on to support you triumph. Our team has the necessary knowledge and skill to serve you at your convenience.

Experts Medico-Legal Assessments

Experts Medico-Legal Reports

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Serious Injury Assessment Report


We are a prominent medico-legal firm with a track of providing quality service. Our team of experts helps attorneys and other legal representatives to determine the extent to which patients will function in leisure, social and personal management after having sustained injuries in motor vehicle accident, medical negligence, police brutality, other personal injuries and loss of support. We deliver exceptional client care and in addition to affidavits, our experts testify in court as and when the need arises.

Why Choose Us

Our timely delivery of reports helps expedite matter resolution, giving you the freedom to focus on other tasks.

Our proofreading service ensures that your reports are free of typos and other minor errors that can distort the message and harm the credibility of the report.

We keep you informed on the progress of your report.

When you book a minimum of four assessments we assist with transportation to and from the assessment centre. Applicable only in JHB and PTA.

Fast and Consistent

We aim to deliver a fast and consistent service, giving you peace of mind.

Wide range of services

We strive to be your one stop shop for all your administrative needs.

The best partner you can get

We are with you all the way, serving to your needs emphatically.


With health professional council of south africa (HPCSA), All our experts are independently licensed professionals.


Cardio Thoracic

Clinical Psychologist


Educational psychologist

General Practitioner

ENT Specialist

Industrial Psychologist

Maxillo facial & oral surgeon

Nursing Expert



Orthopedic Surgeon

Occupational Therapist




Plastic Surgeon


At Teda Medical there is no one size fits all approach, every case is evaluated at its own merits.

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