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Teda Medical

Our Services

We aim to be your go to company for all your medico legal necessities.

Motor Vehicle Accident

Medical Negligence

Police Brutality

Loss of Support

Personal Injury

Our team of medical experts evaluate each case thoroughly and produce detailed reports for the plaintiff.

Experts Medico-Legal Assessments

A medico legal assessment is a thorough process to establish or ascertain whether a person is fit to drive, work or carry on with their regular daily activities after the trauma they experienced.

Experts Medico-Legal Reports

Medico legal report – in order to present medical proof or evidence in a legal matter, an expert witness write a medico legal report. It provides details about the injury’s origin, extend and prognosis

Joint Minutes

Many litigious cases revolve around joint Minutes. They describe the grounds on which experts concur (and differ) which assist to clarify the issues in dispute and condense the amount of evidence to be presented in court

Serious Injury Assessment Report

Serious injury assessment report (raf4) is necessary to confirm whether an injury is severe enough to justify compensation. A medical professional must compile it following a thorough evaluation.

Assessment Locations

We assess in the following provinces:


Pretoria and Johannesburg

Eastern Cape

Mthatha and Port Elizabeth